The Soft Machine – Soft Machine (1968)

1960s: Days of Rage

“The Soft Machine’s status as house band at London clubs like the UFO and Middle Earth during 1967 saw them appear at some of the most pivotal happenings in the fringes of the art world. But while those other darlings of the nascent underground, the Pink Floyd, raced into Abbey Road studios to grasp at the fleeting strands of genius from Syd Barrett before his marbles went AWOL, the Softs’ first recording steps were faltering. This was partly due to the loss of founding member, Australian beat poet/guitarist Daevid Allen who returning from France was denied access back into the UK due to an expired visa. Limping on as a trio, by the time the group were finally granted studio time with Columbia’s house producer Tom Wilson in New York, they’d been touring the States and had some of their homegrown psychedelic sheen knocked off. Nevertheless Volume One stands as…

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