W.T.G.A.: Dali vs Warhol


dali vs warholTwo more theatrical artists you’ll never find. Both achieved international super stardom in their lifetimes. They became that very rare species: artist celebrity. Today your average person would be hard pressed to name a living artist. Not even our so called art celebrities like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst or Matthew Barney pull that much weight in a world of Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas.  Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol were and are to this day household names. Pretty good for guys who painted melting clocks and Campbell‘s soup cans, but who is the greater artist?

Dali The Basket of Bread 1926 Dali The Basket of Bread 1926

Before the ants, crutches and barren landscapes of the subconscious shifted everyone’s perceptions of reality; there was a young Spanish art student born in 1904 in the North Western corner of Spain named Salvador. Dali exhibited a master’s talent from an early age and as a youth he…

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2 thoughts on “W.T.G.A.: Dali vs Warhol

  1. Thanks, Kenny! In my opinion it was no contest from the beginning–Warhol was bound to win! Warhol was a superb draughtsman and painter, asm indeed, was Dali. Both were filmmakers but Andy’s art and style is still influencing art today. One can hardly go to an exhibition of art school art without seeing Warhol’s influence on a new generation.
    If you are planning a trip to Stockholm don’t miss the “Legacy of Andy Warhol” exhibition at Artepelag (on until 25th September).


  2. It is true that the legacy of Warhol is perhaps stronger than ever but Dali’s surrealism is still contemporary and a big influence on young artists (and poster makers). This is perhaps inevitable as both artists, to some extent,are post-modern. Accounts of when the two artists met in New York are hilarious as is Warhol’s screen test of Dali. After a short while Dali begins to look very insecure!
    Stockholm sounds like the place to be! You’d like an exhibition I went to in Paris recently “The Velvet Underground”. Well worth a visit! I think it’s still on.


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