The ‘Hungry I’ Pancake House.

Blog about one of the great Leicester places. I used to go there often with friends in the late 60s/early 70s. The pancakes were good and the atmosphere was fantastic. Candle light and Jazz. You can’t beat it.


During the 1960’s one of the places to go, in Leicester was a pancake house called the ‘Hungry I’.  A great place for an evening out, good food, and great music.  The’ Hungry I’ was owned by The Monk brothers, and the music was provided by The Monk Brothers Quartet.  They advertised it as, ‘ muted jazz by candlelight’. 

The whole place was very atmospheric, and to us then,  full of excitement.  We usually went in the late evenings, and I only ever remember approaching it through the lamp lit streets.  Down a very narrow Lane  behind the main shops, and in at a small doorway, then up the winding stairs and as you climbed the smell of food, cigarette smoke and the  sound of lovely drifty jazz came down to meet you.  It sounds rather prosaic and un- pc by todays standards, but really you had to be a teenager in the 1960’s to appreciate it. 


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4 thoughts on “The ‘Hungry I’ Pancake House.

  1. I use to go there to the pancake house in Leicester when I as a young girl worked as a aupair in Leicester during the .60th It was a really nice place. Kind regards Patricia


  2. My uncle took me there as a kid in the early seventies…I don’t recall live music but I definitely remember the dim lighting and promotional shots of the band ‘Family’, unknown to me at the time, stuck on the wall. Maybe Roger Chapman and co. were patrons…


  3. My mum took us as kids we could choose a birthday party or the Hungry I. Hungry I won everything. They had amazing pancakes and did a birthday special with 4 different toppings like a 4 season pizza but much better. Such happy memories. I will be 60 this year still remember it well .

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