Kenny Wilson and friends busking in Leicester Market in 1978

This is the blog site of Kenny Wilson. I am a guitarist, singer/songwriter, accordionist, clarinettist and ceilidh dance caller from Leicester U.K. 

This is my personal blog designed to tell you about my thoughts, actions and observations, where I’ve been and what I’m doing. I will write about my travels, my poems and short stories and reviews of films, music, events and concerts that I have attended. You can also listen to my music and songs and view my upcoming events. It is also a platform for articles written by others that I find interesting and my research and writing about the 1960s Counterculture in Britain and America (and elsewhere!) Virtually anything and everything really!

My aim is to create an honest picture of who I am and what I think. You can also view here the account of My Life in Music, the continuing story of my personal life journey. Hope you find something of interest!

Go to my website for more information kennywilson.website and my hub site kennywilson.net where you can discover all my musical activities.

You can contact me on kenny.wilson@outlook.com or 0782 564 0991 (UK)

Kenny Wilson live at Sidmouth 1984! It’s never got any better than this!

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