“Act III” a new recording by Kenny Wilson

My new Gold Tone Resonator featured on this recording

Here is a new recording I have done of a song by Kenton Hall called “Act III”. It is part of a project called “Omniopath” which features cover recordings of his new album “Idiopath” that can be found here:

Kenton Hall “Idiopath”

It is a hugely ambitious project involving 36 different artists from around the World. This is what he messaged me about it:

“We’ve got the unenviable task of mastering 36 tracks by 36 different artists together. 😂 Oh and here’s the link to pre-orders for the covers album if you care to tell anyone”


Kenton Hall

I feel honoured to be a part of this. Here is my recording;

“Act III” by Kenny Wilson on Soundcloud

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