1960s: Fragments of London in colour — Bob Hyde

Bob Hyde (1927-73) studied and then taught at St. Martin’s; from the mid-sixties until his death he was a senior lecturer at Wimbledon School of Art and lecturer at the Royal College of Art, where he helped establish the Environmental Media Degree with Sir Hugh Casson. In 1966, Bob devised and directed a ballet for ITV involving…

Summer of Love 50 Years On – London Then and Now

This is an article from the Guardian that cleverly shows how iconic sites in London looked in 1967 and how they look now. With a slider you can blend the two. Very impressive. It is amazing how little they have changed.   Newburgh Street Running parallel to Carnaby Street, Newburgh Street forms the boundary of…

Golden daze: 50 years on from the Summer of Love | Culture | The Guardian

It’s the 50th anniversary of San Francisco’s Summer of Love. Here five people who were at the heart of the counter-culture movement tell Aaron Millar how flowers, LSD, music and radical ideas changed youth consciousness forever Source: Golden daze: 50 years on from the Summer of Love | Culture | The Guardian

Visit to Oslo, Norway April 2014

  End of April 2014 I decided to go to Oslo, Norway for the weekend. I founds a Ryanair return flight for £50 from Stansted Airport. Hmm, pretty cheap I thought but maybe I should have factored in the cost of getting to Stansted Airport but, more importantly, the cost of getting from “Oslo Torp”…

Some Pictures of St. Albans

This is a gallery of pictures of  the town of St. Albans, U.K. mainly the Cathedral and Abbey Church. Related articles About St Alban – Britains First Christian Martyr (prayers4reparation.wordpress.com)