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Kenny Wilson

Singer/songwriter, guitarist, accordionist, clarinettist and ceilidh dance caller from Leicester U.K.

First impressions

OK, this is my first post. Been here for 2 days now and I feel exhausted and exhilirated. New York is big in every way but also personal and the people are very friendly. Spent part of last night at a comedy open mic where I ended up […]

Feeling nervous!

Am sorting out the details for my trip. Feeling kind of nervous and excited. Not sure what is going to happen or even if I’m going to get there, but I’m sure I will!  Have practiced being a lone visitor in Berlin and it was weird but worthwhile. […]

Hello everyone

Welcome to my blog. I intend to use this to let you know what I am doing  and thinking during my trip to New York from 7th to the 28th of May and other journeys I intend to go on. I will be giving random thoughts, poems and […]